Issue 7: Alternate Alpha Complexes

  09/02/19 01:48 am, by , Categories: Issues

After a long hiatus, "Welcome to Jackobot Heaven" is back in action! This week, we archived the fansite Alternate Alpha Complexes.


EDIT (9/03/2018): Normally, our issues tend to be 20-30 pages long, but due to the fact that this fansite contains a lot of content, this issue contains ~80 pages. This "mega-issue" may indeed be hard to read in one sitting, but you can always treat it as good reference material.

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Issue 5: Fluff-pieces

  06/12/19 08:35 pm, by , Categories: Issues

This week we bring you three essays concentrating not on game mechanics or useful GM tricks, but at background fluff to flesh out the setting and set your creative juices a-flowing.


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Issue 4: Sector Rebellions

  06/05/19 02:34 pm, by , Categories: Issues

Issue 4 contains several exciting missions


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Issue 2: New Technology

  05/29/19 11:40 am, by , Categories: Issues

This week we focus on advancements in technology, and how they can be integrated into PARANOIA games.


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