Issue 5: Fluff-pieces

  06/12/19 08:35 pm, by , Categories: Issues

This week we bring you three essays concentrating not on game mechanics or useful GM tricks, but at background fluff to flesh out the setting and set your creative juices a-flowing.


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Issue 4: Sector Rebellions

  06/05/19 02:34 pm, by , Categories: Issues

Issue 4 contains several exciting missions


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Issue 2: New Technology

  05/29/19 11:40 am, by , Categories: Issues

This week we focus on advancements in technology, and how they can be integrated into PARANOIA games.


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Issue 1: Secret Societies

  05/22/19 01:01 pm, by , Categories: Issues


Rejoice, citizens! Issue 1 of Welcome to Jackobot Heaven is here and ready for a quick download in pdf format. Tune in next Wednesday for issue 2, and please do leave us your feedback.


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